Orphan Drug Launch Strategy

As we described in an earlier entry, each orphan drug launch or product commercialization situation is different and requires a uniquely customized strategy. Through of over 100 years of combined experience in the orphan drug consulting and specialty pharmaceutical consulting industry, we have developed a battle-tested, trademarked process known as BCSDS – the BioSolutia Commercialization Strategy Development System. BCSDS develops a comprehensive 360 degree assessment based upon the 5 Ps (Stakeholders) and the specific product’s 15 Cs (Key Considerations). The result is one overarching integrated strategy for your orphan drug launch, expertly tailored to your unique product situation. Our track record of success in pharma consulting services has allowed us to continually refine this uniquely effective, trademarked process.

Additional Resources:

Bill creating more orphan drugs would cost taxpayers and patients – A provision allowing more medicines to receive orphan drug status will cost consumers billions of dollars, an analysis said.

Law for rare disease drugs needs revamping – A team of researchers argues that drug makers are exploiting loopholes in the Orphan Drug Act, which gives companies incentives to create medicines for rare diseases.

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