Serving Patient Needs

BioSolutia’s executive team is comprised of clinicians, whose primary focus is to ensure that appropriate patients secure access to, and safely benefit from, prescribed specialty medications. To achieve these objectives, BioSolutia adopts a patient-centric approach to each project, ensuring that the patient experience is optimized from all perspectives, including the following considerations:

  • Cost

    Comprehensive approach to minimize cost impact on patient access.

  • Clinical Care Setting

    Selection of care setting(s) that promotes both patient safety and well as convenience.

  • Characteristics of Product

    Effective patient education and in-home clinical support when warranted.

  • Compliance

    Impactful programs to maximize patient adherence.

  • Constraints

    Vigilant design of REMS or monitoring programs to support patient safety.

Special Announcement
BioSolutia is proud to announce we are now part of the CareMetx team.
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