Serving Pharma Needs

BioSolutia conducts a comprehensive 360° assessment on each drug based upon the five key stakeholders (patient, physician, pharmacy, payor, and pharma), resulting in a manufacturer strategy that is uniquely custom tailored to the product, based upon a deep understanding of each of the stakeholder’s needs, the product characteristics, marketplace dynamics, and pricing and reimbursement environment.

Among the key considerations for pharmaceutical manufacturers (pharma) are:

  • Cost

    Pharma must implement comprehensive patient access, support services, distribution and payor coverage strategies, designed specifically for high cost specialty drugs.

  • Coverage

    A drug’s benefit coverage (pharmacy vs. medical) is a strong determinant in formulating pharma’s payor strategy.

  • Clinical Care Setting

    Care setting(s) – physician office or home – strongly influence the distribution strategy implemented by pharma.

  • Compliance

    Pharma must demand successful patient adherence programs to optimize patient outcomes and maximize market opportunities.

  • Collection of Data

    Pharma must design and implement programs that assure timely and accurate data reporting by pharmacies and reimbursement services hubs.

Special Announcement
BioSolutia is proud to announce we are now part of the CareMetx team.
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