Serving Pharmacy Needs

Specialty drug distribution has significantly evolved and become more sophisticated over the past several decades, to include a wide spectrum and variety of providers, representing different classes of trade, including: Third Party Logistics (3PL), general wholesale distributors, specialty distributors and various categories of pharmacies including: retail, general mail order, home infusion, compounding, specialty and a variety of other types.

Within each of these distribution categories, is a broad range of national, regional and local organizations, some specialized in certain therapeutic categories of drugs and very often, covering different service areas across the country.  We will help the pharmaceutical company assess the myriad of distribution options and custom tailor a program with the right distribution model and specific distribution providers, based on the specific requirements of a drug.

  • Coverage

    A drug’s benefit coverage (pharmacy vs. medical) is a strong determinant in selecting the pharmacy category.

  • Clinical Care Setting

    Care setting(s) – physician office or home – may influence the class of pharmacy most appropriate to dispense.

  • Clinical Services

    For drugs administered in the home, the pharmacy must provide patient education and in-home clinical support when warranted.

  • Compliance

    For treatment of chronic conditions, pharmacies must deliver impactful programs to maximize patient adherence.

  • Collection of Data

    Rigorous data reporting by pharmacies is fundamental to receiving exclusive or limited distribution rights for specialty drugs.

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