Serving Provider Needs

Among key stakeholders, providers (physicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals) are positioned to significantly impact and influence the success, or failure, of any marketed product – particularly an orphan or ultra-orphan drug. The rising cost of specialty drugs has resulted in the added burden on the physicians to not only prescribe the drug, but to comply with a labyrinth of steps to gain approval and payment.

BioSolutia delivers professional, timely, streamlined pharmaceutical programs that support physicians, promoting increased knowledge, satisfaction and loyalty. Several considerations that most impact the physician include:

  • Coverage

    Broad insurance coverage simplifies physician requests for drug approval.

  • Clinical Care Setting

    Care setting(s) may influence options for physician buy and bill, or Assignment of Benefits (AOB) covered prescriptions.

  • Capabilities

    Well-conceived programs compliment the skill set and work flow of the physician office.

  • Capacity / Workload

    Physicians value programs that minimize staff time, effort and therefore reduce overall office workload.

  • Competitive Products

    Physicians may be influenced by distinctive product support services in crowded classes.

Special Announcement
BioSolutia is proud to announce we are now part of the CareMetx team.
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