Specialty Drug Consulting

Perils of “Silofication”

One of the key success factors we’ve identified in our orphan drug consulting and specialty drug consulting practices after over 50 launches and re-launches of orphan and specialty pharmaceuticals, is that the pharma client must have one overarching integrated strategy and corresponding measure of success for their pharma launch plan or re-launch. If activities across the various organizational segments (aka silos) are not highly coordinated then marketing, sales, sales incentive compensation, payer strategy, reimbursement support services and data and reporting can very often run off in significantly disparate directions, some of which can literally be pulling in opposite directions. BioSolutia calls this phenomenon “silofication”. The larger the organization, the higher the probability that silofication can occur. We have found in our orphan drug consulting and specialty drug consulting experiences, designating clear overall accountability and decision-making is one of the keys to success, as is using BCSDS – the BioSolutia Commercialization Strategy Development System.

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